pk10杀一个位置公式:Medium elements water soluble fertilizer

Medium elements water soluble fertilizer

Calead | Agrofine | MgcaSwell | CaSwell

Packing: 10kg


High Calcium And Magnesium fertilizers, with acceptable water
solubility. Adding TE makes it a good choice for open field root
vegetables and fruits, basal application is suggested.

Packing: 10kg


It is a high Calcium and Magnesium fertilizer, with good water
solubility. Adding B, Zn makes it a perfect choice for the fruit tree, help to set and swell the fruits in the meantime. Flushing & basal
application is suggested.

Packing: 1L


MgcaSwell is a double chelated liquid fertilizer, including sugar alcohol, amino
acid, magnesium, calcium. Mg & Ca play very import role in the
productive stage of all crops, but these 2 elements will be easily fixed during the absorption progress. Sugar alcohol is the only substance that can carry magnesium and calcium in the phloem for rapid transportation. Amino acid makes the absorption more efficient, improve the fruit quality.

Packing: 5L


Caswell is a more ideal source to supply Calcium to the plants. The
calcium is chelated by sugar alcohol, which is the only substance that can carry minerals to the plant body, making the transportation faster from the roots to fruits. In this way, it can effeciently prevent the fruist from calcium deficiency symptoms.

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